If you ever felt like you had two left feet, just look to the visual for Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” to get inspiration for the perfect dance moves.

After a ton of covers were released — including remixes by Erykah Badu, Keyshia Cole and Trina — Drizzy dropped the music video for what’s proving to be one of his most popular songs. The rapper released the clip for the melodic tune on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio.

Phone operators kick off the clip as they take calls from their suitors looking for some excitement. "I would love to do that for you," one woman tells her caller before nearly rolling her eyes.

The Director X-directed video then finds the rapper dancing in a yellow box that begins to take on different hues of colors -- which seem to be a nod to the artist James Turrell's work with light and space.

The 28-year-old OVO leader keeps it simple with his wardrobe by switching between an OVO hoodie, a gray turtleneck and a white T-shirt with the Jordan logo. The best parts of the effort come when Drake does a dance that's somewhere between salsa and "The Carlton" -- thank D.R.A.M. and his song "Cha Cha" for the inspiration for those moves since "Hotline Bling" samples the track. Silhouettes of curvy women are also showcased throughout the visual providing some serious eye candy.

Drizzy, who has yet to have a No. 1 solo song on Billboard‘s Top 100, may achieve that feat with this track. The song is currently sitting at No. 2 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 Chart. If the song hits No. 1 this month, it will be “the biggest moment of my career to date,” according to Drake, especially since his birthday is coming up soon on Oct. 24.

Watch Drake get his cha-cha on above.

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