Drake has presumably taken time off from cooking up a response to Pusha T's diss to explain that controversial picture of him wearing blackface. Pusha used the photo of Drake as the cover art for the diss track, "The Story of Adidon." 

As was explained by the photographer, David Leyes, and now by Drake in a statement, the image was about exposing the limitations placed on black artists and the prevalent, continued racism in the industry.

“This picture is from 2007, a time in my life where I was an actor and I was working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get roles, being stereotyped and type cast," Drake's statement reads. "The photos represented how African Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment.”

Black artists drawing attention to racism in the art world by using controversial imagery as satire is nothing new (see: Spike Lee's Bamboozled or Little Brother's The Minstrel Show).

At any rate, there's more fallout from the scathing Pusha T diss, including Drake's alleged son, which Pusha claims he basically abandoned. Reports now suggest Drake's been financially supporting the alleged mother of his child since before she gave birth.

As for his statement on the photo you can check it out below.


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