It looks as if the Drake and Chris Brown feud has been rekindled. Over the weekend, Drizzy threw a small subliminal shot at Breezy during his Auckland show. This is in response to interviews Brown gave in which he mocked the Toronto rhymer.

According to a tweet from Word on Road, a blog centered around Drake, the rapper was performing "Energy" when he switched up the line, “I got rap n----s that I gotta act like I like," to “I got R&B n----s that I gotta act like I like.” Even though Drake didn’t name Brown, it’s clear who he’s talking about.

The "New Flame" singer has conducted several interviews last week including Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning and Power 105. 1’s The Breakfast Club. In both interviews, Breezy have expressed his problem with Drake. In the Hot 97 interview, the singer even mimicked Drake’s voice. “I’m responsible for reviving careers, and I think when I keep talking about somebody, even right now, I’m just making him hot right now ’cause I’m just talking about him,” he stated.

The timing of this simmering feud could go either good or bad. Brown is promoting his latest effort, Fan of a Fan: The Album, with Tyga who, ironically, also has beef with Drake.

Hopefully, this feud doesn’t get too out of hand. If you recall, back in 2012, Drake and Brown were involved in a huge brawl at a New York nightclub. Several people were injured as a result of champagne bottle being thrown in the VIP section.

Drake ended up praising his fans in Auckland for an incredible show. Read his Instagram photos below.

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