Are Drake and Rihanna rekindling their romance? From their recent hangout sessions overseas, it seems like they are.

The songstress has been seen with the rapper at many of his Would You Like a Tour dates in Europe recently, including a duet performance during a stop in Paris. The footage above, captured on Monday night (March 10) in Brussels, Belgium, finds Drake singing a cover version of Rihanna's ballad 'Stay' for the audience. She was apparently in the crowd as well.

He switches up some of the lyrics to cater to the Belgian audience with, "Brussels you look so beautiful, just like a movie." At the end of the video, the OVO leader begins to transition into his own 'Too Much' single.

With the former lovebirds being seen together on a regular basis and Drake serenading Rihanna with her own song, it's no surprise that the rumors of a rekindled relationship are running rampant.