In recent weeks, much of the talk about Drake has centered on Common and Vanessa Bryant, both of whom he disses on the Rick Ross track 'Stay Schemin'.' In an interview with Nah Right, the Canadian MC weighed in on both, explaining why he won't continue feuding with his Chi-town rap rival and insisting that he meant no harm against NBA player Kobe Bryant's soon-to-be ex-wife.

Speaking first about Common, who started the wax war back in November with his cut 'Sweet' and struck again earlier this month with his 'Stay Schemin'" remix, Drake said theirs isn't a "battle for the sake of musical integrity," but rather a "ploy for attention."

"More than anything, it was just disappointing, 'cause what kid isn't a fan of what Common has done for our genre," Drizzy said. "A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story."

As for Vanessa, the subject of the seemingly vitriolic line, "Bitch, you wasn't with me shooting in the gym," Drake said he "never intended to offend" her. He was merely thinking about what it might be like to lose a great deal of money, as Kobe will when the couple divorces.

"That line had everything to do with me and what goes on in my head as a 25-year-old man with this much income flowing in," he said. "Kobe is and always will be a friend and an icon to me."

For the time being, Drake doesn't need to worry about going broke. He's about to embark on the Club Paradise Tour, and while crosses North America and Europe, he'll continue recording the follow-up to last year's 'Take Care.'

"I have begun working on new music already and I'll be recording during the whole college tour with 40," Drake said. "Making better music and building myself as a business is all that's on my mind. Hopefully some acting as well."

Watch 'Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Drake'

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Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Drake