Although Toronto rapper Drake's highly-anticipated debut 'Thank Me Later' was recently moved to a 2010 release date, the Lil Wayne protege is already prepping his first single, the club-friendly 'Shut It Down.' The track was produced by Harlem beatmaker Omen, in collaboration with longtime Drake collaborator 40 and also features singer-turned-Vice President of Island Def Jam The Dream.

"I was working on some drum patterns and 40 had the melody going. 40 is very skilled and has a crazy ear for obscure sounds and chords," Omen told Billboard. "It took us the whole night to come up with the track, but we finished it and played it for Drake the next day, who already had the song's concept."

According to Omen, the "Prince-like, powerful song" aims to "empower females," especially those that frequent the club. "When they go out and they get dressed up and put their makeup on and get their hair done, they have the capacity to shut the club down," the producer explained.

Hype Williams, who recently worked with Drake in the 'Forever' video, is said to be shooting the video for 'Shut It Down' in the very near future.