Dallas rapper Dorrough has made his NBA basketball allegiance clear. The 'Ice Cream Paint Job' rapper has released 'Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat),' a song dedicated to the NBA Western Conference Champions the Dallas Mavericks.

Over a bubbly beat fitted with a voice constantly repeating "bounce dat," Dorrough rhymes the praises of his home team. "If we down we known to jump back/ We can shoot the three and comeback/ With a million dollar contracts/ 'Cause the Dallas Mavericks run that," he raps on the song's hook.

The former high school basketball star drops numerous references to Mavericks players throughout the song. "JJ Barea, quick as lightning handler/ We make them get big, just like Tyson Chandler," he raps in the second verse.

The Mavs will be facing the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals and Dorrough also makes sure to mention the South Beach squad in the song. "Did we beat the Lakers, somebody holler sweep/ We got the air condition, we ready for the Heat/ They got Dwyane Wade, they got LeBron James/ But we got Dirk, Kidd and Terry plus a bunch of names," he raps.

Dorrough, whose home was raided by the DEA earlier this year, is dropping 'Silent Assassin' with DJ Drama in June via E1 Entertainment. The NBA Finals commence on Tuesday, May 31 in Miami.

Watch Dorrough's 'Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat)'

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