When you bet big, there's a possibility that you'll lose big, which is a lesson that Birdman learned last night (June 12).

The Cash Money millionaire lost $2 million on the NBA Championship game for betting that the Miami Heat would be the victors over the Dallas Mavericks. For the first time in franchise history, the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship beating the Heat 105-95 in Game Six. The victory wasn't just good for the team, television ratings also reached the highest for a Game Six in 11 years.

During the game, Birdman seemed confident that his team would win. "Don't panic real n----az know tha rules stay focus.miami heat YMCMBusiness.2million gone turn 2. 4m [sic]," he tweeted. Yet once the game was over, he headed out to LIV nightclub in Miami where he partied the night away alongside Lil Wayne and the Dallas Mavericks.

Birdman is known for spending money just as fast as it comes in. Earlier this year, he won $1 million betting on the Super Bowl, then shelled out $8 million on a German sports car. However, with the releases of albums from Lil Wayne and Drake coming later this year, plus all of the other artists on his roster, chances are his finances will be just fine.

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