Singer Keyshia Cole married NBA star Daniel "Boobie" Gibson in an intimate ceremony in Cleveland back in May, and now she plans to do it a second time, holding a televised wedding in Las Vegas for the whole world to see.

On Tuesday (July 19), the 'I Remember' singer announced on Twitter that she will be the star of a new reality show, which will follow her preparation for her second big day, letting viewers into the behind-the-scenes of her "big" Vegas wedding.

"Omw [on my way] to vegas tomorrow with Gib dj and both the fams to shoot the first week of our new reality show. ... +++ countdown to the BIG WEDDING..." Cole tweeted.

Cole previously starred in the popular BET reality series 'Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,' which ran for three seasons, from 2006-2009. While the network for Cole's upcoming wedding reality show has yet to be revealed, Cole and her new hubbie Gibson will reportedly be executive producing this time around, along with TV exec James Dubose. He previously executive produced Cole's mother's spinoff show 'Frankie and Neffe,' as well as her friend Monica's 'Monica: Still Standing.'

The show will also follow the 29-year-old Oakland native as she records her forthcoming fifth album. Her last effort, 'Calling All hearts,' was released in December 2010.

Watch Keyshia Cole's 'Take Me Away'

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