As he gears up to release his ninth studio album, 'The Midnight Life,' and celebrate more than 20 years in the game, DJ Quik drops 'Pet Sematary,' a new single from the effort.

Peculiarly named, fans might not know what to think when first seeing the cover art for 'Pet Sematary' since it easily reflects the 1989 cover to Stephen King's similarly titled horror novel.

But don't let the fading yellow cat eyes and fiery lava seeping through the ground's core take away from Quik's signature Compton twang. He spits over a smooth, Chicago-like stepping music beat with a touch of Harlem Renaissance jazz to top things off.

"Anything I do for music's never celebrated / Y'all killin' the game like pesticides / But DJ Quik is unpasteurized / Our music is flawless, my lyrics is lawless / You're hood wouldn't be eatin' / I'm the reason for all this...I 'm just tryin' to be the R&B savior with the instrumental," Quik raps.

In the accompanying video for the track, the rapper hits the Compton streets, showing what a chill day in his life is really like. He takes a trip to the store, hangs with his homies and even highlights two gal pals that seem more like bullies than babes.

'The Midnight Life' arrives Oct. 14.