When Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul began missing the taste of the southern style comfort food from his hometown of Memphis -- due to spending much of his time on the West Coast for his career -- he decided to do something about it.

"I just started making it myself all the time," Paul tells The BoomBox. "I would make the food how I would like it, and all my neighbors would always like my cooking and would always ask me what I use."

The producer-rapper's neighbors encouraged him to sell an original sauce he created, which has now become part of a profitable company for him. Smoked Out, the name of his flavorful barbecue sauce, can be found on DJPaulBBQ.com.

With a new album, A Person of Interest, due Oct. 23, in the works, Paul does a balancing act with his music career and his love for cooking. Find him in action on his YouTube channel -- DJ Paul BBQ TV -- where he shows off his grilling skills on everything from fish and ribs to a favorite called "three times cooked" wings. The recipe includes cooking wings in an oven, placing them on a grill to crisp and lastly, putting the chicken in a wok with butter and seasoning to further "marry the flavors." DJ Paul clearly takes his chef life seriously.

Since he takes such pride in throwing down in the kitchen, The BoomBox was curious to know who Paul would invite to a dinner party in an effort to demonstrate his culinary skills. The guest list may surprise you.

See Who DJ Paul Invites to Dinner


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