Nothing quite compares to the feeling of receiving the perfect holiday gift, except for getting the wrong one. With the holiday season in full swing, and only a few shopping days left until Christmas, the malls will be jammed with last minute shoppers looking to snag the perfect present for someone special. The BoomBox is fully submerged in the holiday spirit, and to celebrate, we caught up with a few hip-hop and R&B stars who express their sentiments on the best, and most importantly, the worst gifts they've ever received. From money to teddy bears and even a Snuggie, some walked away with the nicest and strangest gifts.

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"My best Christmas gift would have to be a drum set [I got] when I was 14. My parents did a really good job of hiding it from me. I woke up to some drum sticks and a practice pad, and thought that was it, then they opened the garage and I had a full drum set inside! I played pretty much the whole day. I will always remember that Christmas gift. Much love to my mom and dad." -- T. Mills

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"I'm eight years younger than my brother, who [is] deceased, and when I was six and he was 14. I received so many gifts! They were spread out on the floor and the couch, and my brother's gifts only covered one chair. I felt so bad that I gave him this huge teddy bear that I got, and we named it Ted E. Bear together. My brother loved that bear, and I loved that I could share it with him." -- Kandi Burruss, of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' and former member of Xscape

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"The worst Christmas gift I ever got was from a family friend when I was about 13. I was looking to get a bike and they got me a teddy bear when I was way past the age of cuddling! It just didn't really make sense. I tried to make the best of it though, so I gave the teddy bear to a girl. I didn't get the gift I wanted but the bear made itself useful in the end!" -- Sean Paul

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"Best gift I ever received? I still say my Sega Genesis! My grandma got me that Sega, and I knew that she didn't have it [money] like that but she saved up. She was the last place I visited that Christmas. It was the last gift I got the whole day, I went crazy! I think it came with Sonic [the Hedgehog], I got like two other games to go with it. I still got it, I'm a hoarder!" -- Lloyd

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"I'm a southern girl through and through, so my best gift for Christmas was, and still is, having the entire family together under one roof. I'm a bit of a chef in my mind, so when my grandma bought me Paula Dean's cookbook collection [one year] it was the best gift ever! I have been adding large amounts of butter to meals ever since! My favorite recipe is all about "the sweets." Homemade pralines make any Christmas great!" -- Dawn Richard of Diddy-Dirty Money

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"A good friend of mine gave me a card with money in it. I opened the card and it was $40 and it said, 'Just a little something. Spend it on whatever you want.' The kicker is that homie owed me $100. I'd been trying to get that loot for months!! I wanted to say, 'This is ain't a gift! This is a down payment. Where's the other 60 bucks?" -- Mateo

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"My best gift was this Minnie Mouse fake kitchen playhouse made out of wood. I was 5 when I got it, but I still remember how happy I was! My mom and step-dad, at the time, gave [it] to me. I've always been a big Disney fan so that was extra special. I ended up leaving it in the house we used to live in because it was haunted so when we moved out, we left everything in there." -- Kreayshawn

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"About five years ago, my mom bought me a pair of black-and-varsity red Jordan XIIs. I had them for a month when I started noticing the side panel peeling off. A few days later the sole started peeling off. I compared them side by side with my friend's pair and it became immediately apparent they were fake. My mother was none the wiser, she was just trying to make me happy, but never buy Jordan's on eBay!" -- Mike Posner

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"The worst gift I ever received was a custom made Gucci Snuggie a fan sent me in 2009. It had the Gucci logo and colors plastered all over it. It was thoughtful 'cause I do like Gucci, but I've never understood the whole Snuggie thing. I couldn't imagine putting one on and sitting around with my boys. I would look ridiculous! Instead I gave it to my cousin so it didn't go to waste. I think he still has it!" -- DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia

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