There's no denying that DJ Khaled is very fond of his talents. Just about every song he releases raises his status in the game, but the sought after producer is actually much more humble than his song titles would have you believe.

He started his career as a DJ, and even though the last five years have turned him into the go-to-guy for hood anthems, he's never far removed from where he began.

"I have a vision and I want to win," he tells The BoomBox. "I make great music and the vision is to win. I want to get with people that make great music and collaborate. But me being an executive [at Def Jam South] too, it just shows my hunger. Other artists appreciate it especially when you do something with it and they win."

Long before Charlie Sheen coined the term, Khaled has been "winning" with tracks like 'I'm On One' and 'Welcome to My Hood,' so it's no coincidence that his music has a specific sound. "I started off with some turntables, some records, a drum machine, and a microphone, and it's a beautiful dream that came true," Khaled shares.

This year will mark the release of his fifth album, 'Kiss the Ring,' and like its predecessors, fans can expect the same high standard of music from Khaled and crew. As excited as he is for the forthcoming release, he's not divulging too many details about features or song titles. "I got some amazing collaborations on there, amazing records and I plan to drop the first single real soon," he states. "I don't want to [give names] yet. Just remember I'm the guy that put together 'I'm On One' [and] 'We Takin' Over.' So expect greatness."

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