DJ Jazzy Jeff has released the finale to his Magnificent series, M3. 

The project is the long-awaited follow-up to the first two installments of the series, 2002’s The Magnificent and 2007’s The Return of the Magnificent. At 15-tracks, it also marks the veteran producer/DJ's first studio album as an independent artist.

Beyond the release of this latest project, Jazzy Jeff is also focused on empowering artists and ensuring that artistry isn't erased through his movement, the PLAYLIST. HipHopDX explains the artist network includes world-class musicians, including Daniel Crawford, Kaidi Tatham, and Philadelphia collective Killiam Shakespeare, as well as The Roots’ James Poyser, Andre Harris, Stro Elliot and Jeff Bradshaw.

“I’m trying to make a difference. I’m trying to create a movement with PLAYLIST. That’s why this is so emotional. We did all of this," he told HipHopDX about the project.

On Instagram, the rap vet has been sharing knowledge, posting advice like, "Most artists are Hostages...and don’t even know it." And also, "People say to me...well... the record company made you famous...Ok...give me YOUR check and I'll make YOU famous. Understand that the options we have now did not exist back then...It's better now so I want you to do better."

It's all part of his movement to help artists realize their worth and regain control of their art.

As for M3, it features several artists exploring life perspectives on love and living, including Rhymefest. You can take a listen to the album, which dropped yesterday (May 7), via Stem.


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