DJ Green Lantern just dropped a lyrical treat called "Ill," featuring Royce 5'9 and Conway, who's gaining quite the buzz for himself.

First, Nickle Nine takes the wheel and drives his verse all the way home with a slew of memorable punchlines.

"Your boy remains on top / I'll tell the baddest b---- around, h-o, you look like Tory Lanez's jump shot / I used to think raw sex was the sacred sh-- / 'Till I switched to faithful, ain't some sushi from off the chest of a naked chick," he raps.

Then Conway steps up and based on his verse, it's easy to tell that being a dope lyricist is important to him, which he actually conveys.

"I know the goons, the little savages as well / I know the plug, make a call, get a package in the mail / It's passion that I'm rapping with this rap n--- is real / Street n---- but I'm rapping like I graduated Yale / I ain't attracted to the plaques and all the sales / 'Cause if I ain't the illest rapper then actually I failed," he spits.

You can listen to the fresh track below and look out for Royce's Bar Exam 4 project this Thursday (May 25) and Conway's new release Reject on Steroids, out Wednesday (May 24).


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