The Guinness World Record for World's Longest Freestyle is about to be broken four times over. The current record holder, DJ Green Arrow, has announced plans to break his latest record of 9 hours, 52 minutes by rapping for 52 hours, in an event he has dubbed "Suckas Need Bodyguards."

Green Arrow, who resides in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, will begin freestyling this afternoon, rhyming in 12-hour intervals with an hour break in between, until he reaches his goal of 52 total hours. His latest attempt on the record is also a tribute to fallen rap legends Guru and Roc Raida, who passed away within the past year. During the feat, Green Arrow will also be traveling throughout the city, making stops in each borough as well as northern New Jersey and Bridgeport, Connecticut, before ending his impromptu rap odyssey in Harlem.

"5.5 hours until I begin rapping for 12 hours, taking an hour break, and then repeating that 4 times," Arrow wrote on his Facebook page. "[I'm] stopping when I get to the showing of 'The Other Side of Hip-Hop,' at Maysles Cinema, 7PM [on] Wednesday night (May 5). 52 hours is a lot and there is always something to rhyme about in New York City." When not attempting freestyle rap records, Green Arrow is an activist who works closely with an Amazon Rainforest tribe called the Shuar. For updates and more information, click or check his Facebook account here.