Former Danity Kane singer and television personality Aubrey O'Day has reportedly signed a record deal with SRC/Universal Motown to release her solo debut album. The reality TV star will join a roster that features fellow R&B vixen Melanie Fiona and rapper Asher Roth.

The star of Oxygen's 'All About Aubrey' show has been hard at work completing the as-yet-untitled album, for which she has already recorded 50 songs, the majority of which are "club, dance tracks. A lot of what Danity Kane would have put on a third album." The self-professed diva's electro-pop first single, 'Automatic,' was produced by former Danity Kane producer Adonis.

"Automatic' is the right fit for where music is headed now," Aubrey said of the single. "It's a pop-dance track, but I wanted to go in the club and write a song about not having to put on all the glamor and the glitz."

Though Danity Kane released two well-received albums, O'Day, "the official party girl of Danity Kane," was ousted from the group by Diddy, after appearing in racy photographs and becoming a fame hound. Though eventually dropped from Bad Boy Records altogether, the singer went on to become an even bigger star, appearing in the Broadway play 'Hairspray,' several runway shows and eventually appearing nude in Playboy.

O'Day's single, 'Automatic,' hits iTunes on April 12, the day after the season finale of her show 'All About Aubrey.'

Watch Danity Kane's 'Damaged'

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