Though initially labeled a "mis-step," it appears that Public Enemy's attempt at "crowd-funding" their new album via Dutch website SellaBand has provided the funds required for the legendary rap group to record and distribute their new release.

"We just received word that our fund raising campaign has completed," Public Enemy announced on SellABand's site. "This is truly a great moment for us and we owe it all to our fans on SellaBand -- our true 'Believers'."

Though they had originally aimed much higher, the group "recalculated" their initial goal of a $250,000, dropping the goal to $75,000 for the recording, marketing and promotions costs associated with releasing their new, entirely fan-funded release.

"It has been a long and winding road," their statement continued. "We've had explosive starts, media attention, corporate troubles, media criticism, recalculations and finally resurgence. When its all said and done, the bottom line is that we never lost faith in ourselves, our fans and the future of fan funding as a model."

Though they have yet to reveal details about the new album, the group sounded empowered by their fan's support, proving that alternate sources of funding for artists is actually possible.

"We're over here in Europe killing shows. Moscow and Sofia are in our rear view mirrors and we've got a lot more on tap. We're going to be celebrating this with our fans, so we hope to see you on our winding road. Thank You," their statement concluded.

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