Gabrielle Union caused a stir on the internet last week when she stopped by Sway in the Morning. While promoting her new book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, the actress encouraged women to make sure they get what they want from their man.

During the conversation, Union talked about sexual reciprocity and the topic of anal foreplay came up.

"While a lot of women do enjoy providing fellatio, for sure there needs to be some cunnilingus," she said, adding, "And then ask him to eat your ass."

"If you're going to be just offering blow jobs willy nilly there should be some pleasure you experience in return. It's only fair," she continued.

On Twitter, fans started to speculate on Union and husband Dwayne Wade's sex life. Others started finger-wagging at Union for divulging way too much information in a public forum.

"Well thanks to Twitter today I found out Gabrielle Union eats Dwyane Wade’s ass. What would I do without this app?" tweeted one person. Another commenter wrote, "Gabrielle Union been putting way too much info out there about her sex life lately. Lol some things you can just keep to yourself boo."

But Union clapped back at the haters.

"Judgment about sexual gratification is what keeps people sexually repressed & having uneven sexual experiences," she wrote in a series of tweets. "Whats shocking is that ppl are shocked that a grown ass woman has the balls to speak openly & honestly about sex. Y'all are comedy."

Read Gabrielle Union's tweets below and people's reaction on Twitter.

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