DJ EnuffHot 97's DJ Enuff posted an interesting blog recently, discussing his reluctance to play New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica's new song, 'Exhibit C.'

The song, a collaboration with producer Just Blaze, has been getting a lot of attention online, due to Jay's deft flow, sharp lyrics and 'Illmatic'-era Nas-style delivery. So why won't Enuff, a staunch hip-hop supporter, play Jay's record?

"It is so good," Enuff wrote of the track. "I think it's lyrical and the production is solid. Reminds me of some early Nas stuff. Then I ask myself: Why is it not spinning on the radio? At least during my time slot? Is it because there's no dance tied to it? Is it because it's not yet on BET's Top Ten Countdown? Does it have to be a club banger? The radio isn't a club. So why not good solid hip-hop? I have it on my Web site. I battle myself all the time when it comes to the radio. The job I love so much. I could make it the Heavy Hitter Pick of the week with no problem. Then what? I need help with this one. Any suggestions Re: Real Hip-Hop is Fading."

Many rose in support of Jay, criticizing or attacking Enuff, however they may have missed his intent. His post rhetorical; support Jay Electronica.

Check out Enuff's blog here. And check out the song in question here. It's pretty ridiculous.