After releasing the Mobb Deep and Biggie Smalls tune "What You Think" last month for his #MixtapeMondays series, DJ Absolut dropped another gem from the legendary New York group titled "Greatness," where both MCs deliver memorable lines.

"It's outrageous, it's all outdated / Your whole style boring, monotone, basic / You never gon' have longev like P / You ain't never gon' be hellbent as Mobb Deep / For this music disc, this exclusiveness, you don't fit in so get in another business /  Maybe telemarketing where you run your mouth / Maybe 1-900-these-dudes-is-played-out," spits the late, great Prodigy.

Afterwards, Havoc enters the booth, and although he's always been praised for his production skills, some might say he's incredibly underrated as an MC.

"High as a kite in the range / Driving in the rain / Yeah, I'm getting h--d as I hydroplane / And I won't change, why would I? / You couldn't see me with Slick Rick's good eye," he rhymes.

Believe it or not, it's been a little over two months since Prodigy passed away in Las Vegas while on the Art of Rap Tour with Ice-T, KRS One and others. Plus, just a few weeks ago, The Clark County coroner's office confirmed that the rapper died from choking.

Before that sad news came in, P's longtime friend and producer Alchemist dropped the never-heard-before-Mobb song "Try My Hand," which you can listen to here.

You can also listen to the group's new single "Greatness" below, which should remind you just how talented Mr. Albert "Prodigy" Johnson was.

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