Yesterday, it was reported that Mobb Deep's ex-manger 50 Buck Productions was suing the group for $500,000, claiming their team booked touring, recording and endorsement deals, and also paid advances to Mobb Deep from 2010 to 2017 when Prodigy died, and were never reimbursed.

Now, Mobb Deep's Havoc is speaking out about the suit, calling it "frivolous" and a "money grab."

"What kind of sicko sues his artist after he dies knowing that that man got kids?" he asked in a clip captured by TMZ. "How his kids gonna eat? He taking food out his kids mouth. That's some punk shit."

Havoc also says that 50 Buck Productions never managed him personally. "He's a sicko," the rapper said.

Havoc also says that he's communicated with Prodigy's family, and has assured them that he's taking care of things, so they shouldn't worry.

"I've been been in touch with the family and I let them know i'm gonna hold them down," he said. "He never was my manager— all my paper work is in order."

Havoc says the lawsuit is a waste of money because now he's spending unnecessary cash on lawyers. "I need to sue him for a frivolous lawsuit."

You can check the clip above.


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