By most counts, 2010 was a great, rejuvenating year for hip-hop. Year-end lists are pouring in and albums by Kanye West, Drake, Bun B and The Roots rank as some of the years best, while Eminem single-handedly proved that the genre could sell on a massive scale. Yet with all the good news, there were some mighty big letdowns in 2010. From older rappers fighting with the youth to rampant legal problems, here are our Top 5 most disappointing showings of the year.

5. Young Jeezy's Stalemate
Young Jeezy
When Young Jeezy plugged his still-upcoming 'TM 103' on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3,' it was already delayed and that was back in September 2009. Other than the excellent 'Lose My Mind,' Jeezy failed to chart a big single all year. His two mixtapes were mostly disappointing and beef with Rick Ross showed a level of unconstructive jealously that we hope he gets past in 2011.
4. 'Wu-Massacre'
Raekwon Ghostface Killah Method Man Wu-Tang Clan
Getty Images / WireImage
A record including Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Method Man had been a longtime dream of many Wu-Tang Clan fanatics. Unfortunately, the finished project felt more like a rushed, subpar product with close to zero promotion. A 30-minute album full of 2-minute songs and pointless skits was not what anyone had in mind when putting three of the most unique rappers together for a victory lap.
3. Lil Kim Vs. Nicki Minaj
Lil Kim Nicki Minaj
Getty Images / WireImage
The Queen Bee vs. the new Queen of Hip-Hop was one of the more interesting yet sad beefs to grow throughout the year. As Minaj inched closer to the release of her debut 'Pink Friday,' Kim increasingly hated on her every move to such an extent that the once-reverent Young Money MC had to destroy her publicly.
2. T.I.'s Reimprisonment
Getty Images
T.I. had a rare second chance when he was released from prison back in March. He got back on top of the acting game with 'Takers' and was prepping a comeback record called 'King Uncaged.' That all changed with a parole-violating drug arrest in Los Angeles. Now, T.I. is back behind bars and unable to promote the record that could have put him back on the map.
1. Solar and Guru
Solar Guru
Getty Images for IMG
When legendary Gang Starr MC Guru passed away in April, his death was nearly overshadowed by the odd, sketchy behavior of his longtime collaborator MC Solar. Solar claimed to have a letter from the wordsmith denouncing his work with DJ Premier, but everything seemed fake and led to a dirty series of hacking and public sniping.
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