Freekey ZekeyFreekey Zekey, a member of the officially dissolved Dipset crew, knows that you need to strike while the iron's hot. He recently released a new track entitled 'Feel Me' that offers his personal take surrounding the ongoing beef between Dipset members Cam'ron and Jim Jones. Now that Killa Cam has officially pronounced the group dead, everyone wants to say their piece (and capture one last media cycle with their words).

"It is time for me to speak on the matter," wrote Mr. Zekey in an official statement. "I want [the] world to know my side of the story. I want them to see my life for what it is. I want to answer the questions that people have been asking, like what's up with Dipset and why did you sign to Big Kat Records. When they listen to 'Feel Me,' they will all have their answers."

While many would wish Freekey left things at a statement rather than recording an actual song, he had to go all the way with this one. The song finds him rapping about Killa Cam's bad contract and the accusation that Jim Jones was unfairly capitalizing off the group.

"Then Jim and Cam started fighting," he raps. "Killa had some shiesty contracts/ Said Jim was stealing money/ Kept it quiet didn't say nothing/ Then me and Juelz got hit like we was Joe Buddens/ It took me about a year to get all them on an album/ They helped me on my feet when I'm feeling like Gary Coleman/ 730 was by they lonely/ Mixtape and World Star was the only thing had us going/ Aggravated, losing hope/ I took Henney under the rope."

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