Diplomat Records head and DipSet rapper Freekey Zekey walked away from what could've been a fatal car crash on Tuesday. Zekey, whose real name is Ezekiel Jiles, was involved a three car accident in New York City when his 2007 S550 Mercedes Benz was struck in the rear.

"I was coming up 115th and 1st and my driver was driving, I had three girls in the back and all of a sudden the n---- runs the red light and hit my car," Jiles explained to SOHH. "People that witnessed it said that my car flew up in the air and landed on a Hummer, and the Hummer was parked."

The rapper was released from the hospital yesterday morning and suffered only minor injuries. Jiles admits he has seatbelts and airbags to thank for walking away from the accident with a few aches and pains. "I'm always good spirited, but for real, everybody needs to keep they seatbelts on," he added. "Oh, and them airbags, they feel like old school [Marvin] Haglar in his prime. They almost knocked me out. Shout out to Kanye West."

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