It seems Diggy Simmons is having beef with J. Cole, and while their burgeoning rap feud may seem sudden and unexpected, it was probably a long time coming. Diggy apparently recorded "What You Say to Me," a diss track that surfaced this weekend, months and months ago -- before his Roc Nation adversary even dropped Cole Word: The Sideline Story in September 2011.

What's more, Diggy's dig is a response to an even older song, "Purple Rain," a 2010 cut that found Cole allegedly rhyming about one of Diggy's sisters.

"Heard you lying on my sis, telling people that you hit," raps Diggy, the 17-year-old son of hip-hop legend Rev. Run, on the newly unearthed cut. "When your album drops, I'm gonna hit you with your brick."

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Diggy goes on to accuse Cole of being a nobody, rapping, "I can't find a girl I know who know you / Wasn't even popping in the school you used to go to / got alright lyrics but can't deliver your vocals." He later insinuates Cole is soft, spitting, "You brokeback, Jake Gyllenhaal."

"What You Say to Me" arrives at an interesting time, given that Cole dissed Diggy -- sort of -- in the song "Grew Up Fast," which dropped in February.

"You n----s is not Russell/ you more Diggy/ me, I'm more Biggie / No diss to the young boy, I'm just rapping, get bored quickly," Cole raps on that song.

While Diggy has technically struck back with "What You Say to Me," it's a vault track, so it remains to be seen which MC will make the next move. Some have speculated that Diggy is simply trying to drum up publicity for his brand-new debut, Unexpected Arrival, though if that's the case, he's hardly the first to try such a tactic. Stay tuned for round four.

The BoomBox recently spent the day with Diggy while he spread the word about his new LP, Unexpected Arrival. Check out the full story on the 17-year-old rapper's hectic day of performances, meet-and-greets and radio interviews here.

Listen to Diggy Simmons' 'What You Say to Me'

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