One year after inking a deal with Atlantic Record, Diggy Simmons is officially ready to get the ball rolling on his rap career, dropping his debut single, 'Copy Paste,' Friday (May 27).

The young rapper opted to follow in the footsteps of his famous father Rev Run, after gaining notoriety on the MTV reality show 'Runs House,' and judging by this track, he's all grown up.

Labeling himself the "General Jetsetter," Diggy proclaims that his style can't be duplicated, while trying to impress his female counterpart. "Check my million dollar swag/ I tell 'em 10/4 'cause they wanna copy that," he spits with a hint of Auto-Tune. "In the mall lotta shoppin bags baby girl what you want? Your boy got the tab/ If yo man say where u at I'mma tell 'em I aint seen her/ Betta' hit her on the jag she gone for the evening/ I make a mean bag, Don Cartagena/ Yeah you know what's up, Martin, Tommy, Gina."

Aside from rapping, Diggy pulls double duty on the single, providing the vocals for the chorus. "They be tryin' to copy or paste me," he sings.

The 16-year-old has released three mixtapes leading up to his major label debut, which as of yet has no release date. Since jumping into the music game last year, Simmons has made quite a name for himself, even landing a deal with AT&T to appear in a commercial as his song, 'Great Expectations,' plays in the background.

Simmons has also been recognized by BET, snagging a nomination in the Young Star category, where he will face off against Willow Smith, Jaden Smith and Keke Palmer at this year's ceremony, airing June 26, on the cable network.

Listen to Diggy Simmons' 'Copy Paste'