50 Cent and Oprah finally hugged it out on "Next Chapter," where 50 claimed his appearance on the media mogul's show was a "milestone," despite being confronted for naming his dog after her. "I heard you had a bitch named Oprah, that's what I heard," Oprah inquired. Awkward. [RapFix]

After recently speaking at the Texas Women Empowerment Foundation, Diggy Simmons sat down with Houston radio station The Box's Madd Hatta and J-Mac about his career, his relationship with his father, and answered some questions from fans. [TheBoxHouston]

Despite their rumored tension, Rihanna and ex Chris Brown partied at adjoining tables in NYC this past weekend, and although the couple didn't talk, Breezy reportedly sent over two bottles of bubbly. Weird. [NYPost]

In a lengthy Tumblr post, Lauryn Hill responded to the charges that she owes the IRS for $1.6 million in income, claiming that she only failed to file her taxes "when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family." [ArtistDirect]

Pharrell recently discussed Pink Slime, his upcoming collaboration album with Mac Miller. "I just felt like I had to do something with him. Pink Slime is his project, and I'm producing it but none of the records go on unless we're both feeling it. Mac's like a concert, festival centric kid. And we got them records, man, it's that hype shit. I missed music so much." [MissInfo]

Big Boi has finally announced a release date for his sophomore album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. "BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!! Brand New Big Boi Album in Stores November 13 2012 Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors," the OutKast MC tweeted. [Twitter]

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