Let’s keep it real. XXXTentacion is not everyone’s cup of tea. His music is abrasive, controversial and some would say satanic. But the kids love him. However, it appears that Tyrese won't be joining the XXXTentacion fan club anytime soon.

On Saturday (Sept. 29), the R&B singer went on his Instagram page to offer his critique of the Florida rapper. It wasn’t positive. In his now since-deleted Instagram post, Tyrese used X as an example of why he doesn’t use drugs.

“When you look in the mirror after drinking and smoking and popping every pill they tell you to pop from these hip hop songs,” he wrote. “My whole life I’ve proudly always said #NoToDrugs.”

The photo above of XXXTentacion appears to be altered but ghoulish nonetheless. A couple weeks ago, X did unveil his new look to his fans. Sporting newly-colored silver dreads, shaved eyebrows and a new tree tattoo in the middle of his forehead, he told his viewers, "What are you gonna say now? Isn't it clear I don't give a f---?"

It's safe to say that XXXTentacion is a very unique individual.

We don't know if Tyrese has seen XXXTentacion's disturbing video for "Look at Me!" but we can guess that he won't like the imagery in that visual as well.

XXXTentacion hasn't responded to Tyrese's "critique" of him just yet.

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