Earlier this week Joey Badass debuted the song 'Amethyst Rockstar,' his first official collaboration with his idol DOOM from his upcoming 'Summer Knights' project.

After years of being a fan and using DOOM's previously released beats to rap over Joey Bad expressed his excitement at getting a beat from the metal-faced villain himself but now we've discovered that the beat has already been used by another rapper named Trunks.

The Trunks song, titled 'Who's A Hero' dates back to 2008 when the little known west coast rapper recorded a DOOM-produced EP called 'Unicron.'. The two had previously collaborated on a track from DOOM's 'King Gheedorah' album. The 'Unicron' project never saw commercial release but was leaked and was even bootlegged in underground hip-hop circles.

Five years later the same instrumental has popped up on Joey Bad's 'Amethyst Rockstar' featuring Kirk Knight. Of course giving a used beat to Joey Badass under the pretense that it was untouched would be unethical but DOOM's business practices have been questionable since he's become notorious for sending impostors to perform in his place.

Who's got the better song? Listen below compare them and let us know what you think.