Rapper Diamond made a name for herself as a member of the Crime Mob rap crew with her sweet face and raunchy lyrics, and now that she's gone solo, fans can expect more of the same.

The Atlanta native recently drooped her mixtape 'DJ Scream Presents B---- Music Vol. 4: Poor Little Rich Gurl,' in late August, and the response has been very impressive. "I think I had 752,000 downloads [in two days]," she tells The Boombox.

Now a free agent, Soulja Boy's main squeeze has been expanding her online presence to promote the project, doing campaigns with websites like MediaTakeout.com and WorldStarHipHop.com to drum up publicity for the mixtape. "A lot of other artists reached out to me because of my mixtape, and they want to do features on it," she reveals. "I think it's going to end up being one of those mixtapes that turns into big albums, big singles and that's kind of like that set-up before I do my album. My actual last mixtape before my album."

As for her solo project, which as of yet has no name, the 23-year-old already has an idea of when she'd like to see the album in stores. "I don't want it to drop no later than third quarter [of 2012]," Diamond states. "Fourth quarter is always for the big dogs. Right now, I'm just gearing up with a lot of different producers. I'm going down to Miami, to start work with The Runners. I have two records with Jim Jonsin. So I'm just transitioning over to that big sound, leaving that old sound behind."

Watch Diamond's 'Lotta Money'

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