Last night's Oscar's are probably the most talked about in its history, following the huge mix-up with the Best Picture announcement when La La Land was declared the winner but Moonlight actually won.

However, one of the other biggest Oscar moments was Denzel Washington's facial expression after Casey Affleck beat him out in the Best Actor category for his performance in Manchester by the Sea—a win that both movie goers and Washington were apparently not too pleased with. Look no further than Denzel's face.

To be clear, Manchester by the Sea is a fantastic, moving film and Affleck gives one of the best performances of the year as a grieving father.

That being said, Washington's performance in the self-directed film, Fences, based on August Wilson's famous play, was nothing short of a case study on incredible acting. If you're an acting teacher and you want to point to one film to teach students the craft, Washington's performances in Fences is what you'd tell them to see.

Remarkable in its subtlety, Washington's showing in Fences was among the best performances in his already nearly impeccable acting career, mostly because the film had no "big" moments to speak of. The cast was small and the location was basically entirely set inside of a small house, making the film lean very heavily on Washington and co-star Viola Davis' performances. They delivered, and remarkably so.

Needless to say, folks weren't feeling Washington's snub, despite Affleck's speech, where he credited Washington as being "one of the first people" who taught him how to act, and was met with the blank face from Denzel.

Take a look at some of the reactions below.


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