50 Cent is back to trolling again on Instagram and this time he goes after everyone’s favorite punching bag -- Kanye West.

Of course, West has been the subject of conversation for the last month thanks to his return to Twitter, bizarre comments, and more. Outside of his asinine remark that “slavery was a choice,” the mercurial rapper-producer also revealed that he had liposuction so he can look good, and not be called fat by TMZ.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting a little nip and tuck, people usually don't announce they had cosmetic surgery on live television. But we are talking about West here, so anything goes at this point.

Of course, 50 had to poke fun at Yeezy. The two celebrated rappers once had an infamous album showdown in 2007 when their projects, Curtis and Graduation, respectively, were dropping on the same day ('Ye won the battle).

In an Instagram post, Fif shared a video of West on TMZ revealing to Harvey that he had lipo done, much to 50’s hilarity. “Wait what[?] That’s what a b***h do when she want a Fat ass. LOL. Get the strap,” he wrote in the caption.

If you wondering what "get the strap" means, it has become the G-Unit leader's catchphrase on his trolling posts.

It all started when Fif was poking fun at Jim Jones' muscular physique and Hell Rell for getting knocked out on camera. Jones didn't find it funny and called out 50 to a fistfight in Harlem. Meanwhile, Rell actually pulled out a strap (aka a high-powered weapon) and told 50 that "he's on the edge."

In the end, 50 Cent loves to troll. So rappers be on your best behavior because he's watching you.

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