In case you were wondering—no, Daz Dillinger is still not feeling Kanye West. He got stopped by the cops on Tuesday, courtesy of the increased visibility he's experiencing after he put out a call to crips everywhere to molly wop Kanye on sight.

“Muthafuckin’ police just stopped me … asked me about this Kanye West shit,” Daz said from an undisclosed Los Angeles location. “Look how many muthafuckin’ police it is.."

According to HipHopDX, Daz claims Kanye filed a restraining order on him over the threats. Daz’s threat to West is now being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. TMZ reportedly sparked the investigation on the former Death Row Records producer by calling the Sheriff’s Dept. to see if they heard about the video.

Although Daz was stopped by the police, Tha Dogg Pound rapper kept a good attitude, saying he wasn't too worried because he didn't have anything on him.

“But luckily, I’m blessed. I ain’t got shit on me so ‘fuck you.’ I handle business,” he said in the clip. “Let the smashin’ and the Dashin’ begin — The Dashians. “Kris [Jenner] did you call the police on me? I’m out of here— fuck y’all."

Daz is definitely capitalizing on this entire thing. He also announced that he's about to release a Kanye diss track, "“F K U #FUCKANYEUP.”

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