Death Row's stranglehold on West Coast rap is a thing of the past. Suge Knight is no longer an intimidating figure. His label has been sold to a Canadian company called WIDEawake, and is now run by Lara Lavi, a self-described "Jewish soccer mom" and singer/songwriter, who is currently working on a lullaby album, and spent 10 years as the lawyer for the Muckleshoot Indian tribe. My, how things change.

In a recent video, former Death Row artist Daz Dillinger discussed the label's current situation,and the deal he was offered by the new management. "What's up y'all, it's D-A to the mothaf---ing Z," he began, in typical Daz fashion. "Checking out the promotion for this new Death Row s---. You know, we met with it but we didn't come to an agreement. They tried to play us with short change."

Though he left the label 10 years ago, in the video he went on to say that he was looking forward to the "new Death Row's" attempts at selling his unreleased material, which they had acquired when they purchased the label.

"It's good to see y'all put the music out 'cause y'all ain't doing nothing but promoting us," Daz remarked. "The more you drop, the more we do on-stage. The more we live off of that s---. Take y'all ideas and flip the script on y'all motherf---ers...I see all the music, she tried to make the deal with us, something scandalous, but then the family...y'all motherf------ inherited a straight curse. I want y'all to hurry up and get y'all business together so we can get our royalties -- I wanna see y'all put out a Dogg Pound album."

In other news, WIDEawake has signed a deal with music publisher EverGreen to begin selling the label's unreleased music, which will be distributed by E1, including a new Tupac album and a collector's edition of 'The Chronic: Re-Lit', which features 4 unreleased bonus tracks and a DVD with never-before-seen footage od Dr Dre and other Death Row artists.

Meanwhile, Daz has launched a label of his own, Neu-Ro Records with former partner Ron Winter and Snoop Dogg, to release new and old material from his former labelmates, including Snoop, Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Lady of Rage, Soopafly and more.

"All the s--- that y'all got is old," Daz said, concluding his discussion of the new Death Row in the video which you can check out above. "We heard that s--- already, it's new to y'all 'cause they just dropped it on your front yard. So you know, holla at us when you get stuck between a hard rock and some s---."

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