Dawn Richard is busy crafting the comeback Danity Kane album and her next solo LP, 'Blackheart.' However, that doesn't mean she's not having some fun in the process. The songstress has put her own spin on Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse.'

'Dark Horse (Unicorn Remix)' slows down the original track's tempo for a rhythm with less bounce. This is a song for those that like to slow whine. Richard's vocals are also distorted and give a robotic layer to to the effort -- it sounds a lot like Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek' and carries a haunting effect.

"It's always fun in the lab with NoisecastleIII," the Diddy-Dirty Money singer writes on her SoundCloud page. "We were working on Danity Kane project and decided to randomly take a break and this happened lol… For s---s and giggles… Something only the hearts can appreciate. We always do things with our little twist. Done in true heart music form. Xo"

While there is still no release date for the Danity Kane record or her follow-up album to 'Goldenheart,' it's nice to see that she finds the time to give her "Hearts" -- the affectionate name for her supporters -- a taste of what she's cooking up in the studio.

Listen to Dawn Richard's 'Dark Horse (Unicorn Remix)'