Dawn Richard embraces the future in the new video for "Calypso," a song featured on her Blackheart album.

Directed by Kytten Janae, the video starts off with clips of Dawn displayed on screens in what appears to be a laboratory in the future. A cyborg version of the former Danity Kane member enters the room, seemingly coming alive right before your eyes.

The singer, sporting long braids, looks like the queen of the new era of robots while also being some kind of science experiment. Perhaps that freaks you out a bit, but Dawn looks collected and strong in the video -- as if she really is running things.

"Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Ogygia, where she detained Odysseus for several years. We wanted to capture her essence in the video virtually," Dawn says about the clip.

Aside from the science fiction-inspired visual, Dawn's musical direction seems to changing compared to her previous body of work. Although the last single she dropped in November, "Professional," had some subtle synthy, layered beats in it, "Calypso" takes Dawn from R&B songstress to potential EDM queen. With quick congo and bass beats to start the track, more and more rhythms are layered on before her vocals come in, where they are not only distorted a bit to a higher pitch but also repeated for effect.

And to make the transformation complete, she has also decided to drop the last name and go with Dawn but stylized as "DΔWN." "I'm just letting go of my last name ... It's time"," she explained.

Get involved in Dawn's futuristic vibes above.

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