Joaquin Phoenix has teamed with hip-hop again, but don't worry it's not to create any new beats. A clean-shaven Phoenix, along with his 'I'm Still Here' collaborator Casey Affleck, joins David Banner in encouraging young voters to "vote fearlessly" in a new Rock the Vote PSA. Banner provides most of the commentary in the 30-second clip, and he doesn't beat around the bush.

"OK listen, kids. Get a little closer. Your parents and your grandparents are going to die," Banner points out. "So just by default you are going to be running things. So you might as well start early and get prepared for it." He also adds the voting process "only takes 5 minutes." With smear campaigns ruling TV sets as the Nov. 2 poll date looms, the lighthearted, in-your-face Rock the Vote PSA is a fitting departure. Check it out after the jump.