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Joaquin Phoenix Returns to ‘Letterman’ for Apology
The Joaquin Phoenix hip-hop saga has finally come to an end. After 'I'm Still Here' director Casey Affleck recently admitted to the New York Times that the actor's retirement and subsequent rap career was a hoax, a shaved Phoenix returned to David Letterman's couch to apologize to 'The Late Show' host and his fans for a ruse that brought on one of the biggest public meltdowns in recent memory... R
Casey Affleck Admits Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Is Fake
Did Joaquin Phoenix really quit acting and have a complete mental breakdown while trying to forge an unlikely hip-hop career? That's been one of the most debated questions in certain film and entertainment circles over the past two years, but now his confidants have finally admitted the entire thing was a ruse...
Joaquin Phoenix’s Hip-Hop Doc Gets Public Premiere
Is it a hoax or not? That was the big question when Joaquin Phoenix's hip-hop odyssey 'I'm Still Here' premiered at the Venice Film Festival Saturday night (Sept. 4). Phoenix, who has been a recluse since retiring from acting and starting the project, was a no-show at the premiere, but director Casey Affleck was there to take questions and was adamant that everything in the movie is real... Read M
Diddy Recorded Track With Joaquin Phoenix
While most fans don't know what to think, it appears that screen star Joaquin Phoenix's rap career might be the real deal. The Oscar-nominated actor recently received a major co-sign by music mogul Diddy, who claims to have produced a song for his album...
Joaquin Phoenix Rap Mockumentary Being Shown to Buyers
It seems like eons in Internet time since Joaquin Phoenix grew a gigantic beard and went on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' to pull off one of the show's strangest appearances in years. The whole excuse behind that situation was that Phoenix had quit acting to become a hip-hop star and was being filmed for a new documentary...
David Letterman Mocks Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career
Oscar nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix is at it again. This time he hit up David Letterman's late night show to further sell his latest career move into hip-hop artistry. Decked in a black suit and sunglasses, Phoenix was billed to promote what he says will be his last film, 'Two Lovers...
Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career Over Before It Begins
Recently, two-time Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from acting for a career in music. Amidst rumors of a rap album helmed by Diddy (though it has yet to be confirmed by anyone in the music mogul's camp), featuring "Wu-Tang style beats," what followed was a collection of awkward impromptu appearances at various clubs, some random freestyling and a sloppy, dr
Joaquin Phoenix to Release Rap Album, Freestyles at Party
Joaquin Phoenix, one of Hollywood's most talented actors, recently announced his retirement from the silver screen, only to return to the limelight, treading the narrow path that K-Fed once paved, as a weird celebrapper. Phoenix more closely resembles producer Rick Rubin than Eminem, having gained about 50 lbs...