David Banner is among a plethora of rappers who are woke (salute to T.I.). The Mississippi rhymer appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club last week to talk about his upcoming project, The God Box, which is dropping next month.

He also dropped plenty of jewels during his nearly one-hour interview including why he thinks white supremacy is controlling hip-hop and that Black people should be more racist in the age of President Trump.

Banner believes that hip-hop has given in to white supremacy. "If you look at our music and listen to our [Black] radio stations...we are the only groups of people who emasculate themselves," he said. He also added that rap doesn't have ettiequte or moral standards anymore when it comes to the music.

Banner also said that President Donald Trump was the best thing to happen for Black people. Don't worry, he didn't become a Republican. The rap vet feels that Trump's presidency will wake Black people up and make them not rely so much on the government for help.

Banner also said that Black folks should be more racist now.

“I don’t see a problem in racism anymore. White people are supposed to take care of White people first," he said. "They supposed to give themselves the Grammys first, the movies first, ’cause don’t lions take care of lions? Tigers take care of tigers? It’s not White people’s racism that’s the problem, it’s Black people’s lack of racism. We’re supposed to be racist too and we’re not," he continued.

You can watch David Banner's entire interview with The Breakfast Club above. Also peep his new single, "Who Want It" featuring Black Thought and Watch the Duck, below.

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