Mississippi rapper/producer David Banner has denied that he is suing Quincy Jones III's company, QD3 Entertainment, over the alleged use of his music without permission in QD3's Lil Wayne documentary, 'The Carter.'

In an interview with XXL, Banner explained that no such lawsuit exists, and that he considers Wayne and Jones, who is the son of legendary producer Quincy Jones, to be close friends.

"Me and Quincy talked three days ago, Quincy's my homie," Banner said, going on to state that he refuses to take sides in Wayne and Jones' dispute over the film, which Wayne claims was edited and released without his final approval. "Wayne is my homie. Whatever's going on between them, I don't know what that is, but they are both very close friends of mine. And that [lawsuit] is not true, at all."

Meanwhile, several producers, including 'Lollipop' beatsmith Jim Jonsin and 'A Milli' producer Bangladesh have filed suits against Lil Wayne and Cash Money, claiming that they haven't received royalty payments for Wayne's multi-platinum-seling album 'Tha Carter 3.'

Banner, who also received a production credit on the album, says everything between he and Cash Money remains copacetic. "Everything between me and Cash Money has been beautiful," he said. "I haven't had any problems. Baby and Slim have been good to me. Wayne has been good to me."

Banner is scheduled to release his collaboration album with producer 9th Wonder, 'Death of a Pop Star,' later this year.