After dropping a new track with Lil Uzi Vert, Dave East is back with some music of his own.

On Wednesday (Nov. 15), the New York rapper brought back his "East Mixes" for a remix of JAY-Z's "Ain't No N-----" and released "Dame Grease Flow."

The first track finds East rapping over the classic JAY-Z beat.

"They say sex is a weapon/I'm O.J. Simpson/After I kill it, I'ma beat it, no question," he spits.

On "Dame Grease Flow," East takes it back to a 90s vibe, delivering a gritty, raw track.

"If its time to go to war, don't got to send a soldier/I'm doing federal time if they pull the sprinter over/Ferrari money, the Gabriel, now the wrist is colder/The same night you was hating I had your bitch come over/Workout your body, you feeling it in your core," he raps on the first verse.

LIsten to "Ain't No N**** [EASTMIX]" and "Dame Grease Flow [EASTMIX]" via Soundcloud below.

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