Dave East is undoubtedly one of the best rappers in the game right now. Representing New York's new crop of gifted rhymers, the Harlem rapper has become one of the most sought-after artists in hip-hop off the strength of his string of impressive mixtapes that have been released over the past few years, including the standout 2016 effort, Kairi Chanel (named after his daughter who was born the same year) and his most recent releases, 2017's Paranoia: A True Story and his new Karma tape. Known for his gritty storytelling and agility behind the mic, East has caught comparisons to pros at weaving street tales, including Jadakiss, Nas, Scarface, and Freddie Gibbs, though he markedly has his own sound. Look no further than bangers like "Type of Time" or the clever "Don't Shoot."

But here's the thing: you don't need to be a hip-hop head to recognize another huge attribute for Dave East—you only need eyes. Because Dave East is sexy as hell. So sexy in fact, that we'd venture to say the 29-year-old is the sexiest rapper alive.

Yes, Nicki Minaj is glorious with ability to break the internet. Method Man is still very attractive as an elder statesmen. J. Cole and his deeply concerned soul is adorable. Kendrick Lamar and his dual personas aren't off putting either—he makes it look sexy.  Nas somehow only gets better looking as time passes, and Trina, Cardi B and Kash Doll have undeniable appeal. But Dave East? Well, the former basketball player has proved time and time again that he's ascended to another plane of hot.

And make no mistakes— dude definitely knows he's a snack. Why else would he constantly be setting shirtless thirst traps on IG? Not that we're complaining... at all.

Here are 10 times Dave East showed us all exactly why he's the sexiest rapper alive. We dare you to try to dispute this extremely convincing photographic evidence.

  • 1

    That time he scratched his arm.

  • 2

    That time he held his adorable baby girl and broke every woman on the planet's ovaries... with his shirt off.

  • 3

    That time he drove around the city with no shirt.

    I'm Around

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  • 4

    That time he took his shirt off and closed his eyes.

  • 5

    That time he read a few texts... with his shirt off.

  • 6

    That time he put on a tight black t-shirt and rapped.

  • 7

    That time he drank from a water bottle... with his shirt off.

  • 8

    That time he unzipped his jacket so that we could see the yumminess of his chest, and like, stared at the floor.

  • 9

    That time he put his fitted on backwards and rapped... with his shirt off.

  • 10

    That time he rolled a blunt in front of an open window... with his shirt off.

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