When Chris Brown takes the stage to perform on 'Dancing With the Stars' tonight (March 29), he may want to steer clear of host Tom Bergeron.

Brown, who experienced a violent outburst on ABC's 'Good Morning America,' will appear on the network's dance competition show, and according to the host, if given the opportunity he will ask the singer about his flip-out.

"Here's the thing," Bergeron told Ryan Seacrest on his morning show. "I did say to the producers that it might be to their advantage to not have me interview him, because my natural tendency would be to say something. You know? So don't put me in a position where you're asking me to not say something, 'cause I won't really do that. Even if it's just a snarky little aside, you know, 'How was your week?'"

Since we all know what happens when Brown is questioned about his assault against ex-girlfriend Rihanna, chances are producers won't even allow the two to correspond. "They'll probably have me in a Hannibal Lecter suit," Bergeron quipped.

Although it was rumored that the show may pull the plug on Brown's appearance, it seems that things are still on track.

Despite his bad behavior on 'GMA,' the morning show has not only invited him back, but are said to be attempting a reunion of sorts between he and Rihanna.

Media fodder aside, the Virginia native's music sales have not diminished as a result of his antics. His latest album, 'F.A.M.E.,' topped the Billboard album charts this week with an estimated 132,530 copies sold.

Watch Chris Brown's 'Yeah 3x'
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