The creation of Da Mafia 6ix was essentially a reunion of the original Three 6 Mafia members sans Juicy J. But with Lord Infamous' unfortunate passing and Gangsta Boo's exit from the group, Da Mafia 6ix is now down to just three -- DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca and Crunchy Black.

As they regroup, the latest iteration of Da Mafia 6ix is preparing for a new album titled 'Watch What U Wish' and offering up a special treat for longtime fans. DJ Zirk, a fellow Memphis rap pioneer and former rival of Three 6 Mafia, has teamed up with the group for remake of his classic single 'Lock'm N Da Trunk'. This remade version by the Memphis legend incorporates many of the original's defining traits including the sample and hook.

DJ Paul raps, "Mixing the gas, OG ruffle the gas, coming down yo street / Throw in the dash, double the ash, 40 is under the seat / Juggle the whip, put 'em in the trunk of the whip, huddle, just handle the clip / Throw the cal, n---a thought I was on trial cause I was due on appeal."

Da Mafia 6ix's 'Watch What U Wish' is currently scheduled to drop October 31st.

Listen to Da Mafia 6ix's 'Lock'm N Da Trunk V.2' featuring DJ Zirk