Just when we thought Ghostface Killah and Kelsey were ready to patch things up and go the friend route, things hit a snag when the rapper continues to blame her for bringing him to therapy in the first place.

With the days nearing the end of therapy and their time in the house, it's clear that Ghostface and Kelsey have been trying to become friends. We see them joking around with the other residents in the house, and Kelsey learns a thing or two about masturbation from Liz Jannetta and Taylor Armstrong. In this episode, Kelsey admits to never masturbating before. So Liz and her other half, Jon Gosselin, surprise her with a vibrator. And while she laughs in utter shock and probably embarrassment, the rest of the house starts to encourage her that it is a good thing to pursue.

"One day soon, I might get a little bored," she says, "and decide to become one with my body. So maybe I'll take it for a spin one day soon."

But the giggles didn't last too long as she and Ghostface get into probably their biggest fight to-date.

"I just feel like what has happened hurt my feelings pretty much," she starts off saying. "You have your reasons to feel that I had no reason to feel what I felt for you. And it's OK you felt that way, but it doesn't change the fact that I did."

All Ghost can say is, "You did that to yourself."

Honesty is always on Kelsey's mind when it comes to their relationship. "I wanted you to come here with me because I wanted to see if me and you were able to take it to another level. That's what I wanted. And we found that that's not gonna happen," she shared.

Ghostface then gets defensive and says they could have just discussed this behind closed doors. However, Kelsey explains that he would never have told her about Latrice if they never came to therapy.

Then the claws and truth really come out. "Listen, I'm not trying to go that far with you," Ghostface responds. "You should have gave me some more time. You should've put some more time to be in there like that. But I ain't mad at you though. I forgive you though."

"You forgive me? For what?" Kelsey retorts.

"Taking me through all this bulls---," he says. "That's what I forgive you for."

Kelsey gets so frustrated that she throws a pad of paper at him and walks out of the room. "I'm too good of a woman for Ghost," she says exasperated. "Not that he doesn't deserve a good woman, but that woman he need ain't that type of woman I be."

Ghostface and Kelsey then meet with Dr. Jenn Berman to talk about how they can move forward from this situation. "When I leave from this, I just want to carry on friendship," Ghostface says. "You know, I'm always going to be there for her, you know because we had a great friendship. So I think, when we leave, we should carry that same thing with us."

Dr. Berman warns the two that if they are to be friends that they should probably wait a year, or at least six months, before reconnecting. In addition, the two have to be open to hearing about everything going on in each other's lives -- including who they date.

"As far as seeing each other, maybe we need some time between doing that, but, you know, hittin' you up on the holidays, 'How are your kids? How're you doing? How's your health?' you know I can definitely see that," Kelsey states.

The two agree on that, and the end the session with hugs and smiles. "I think we're gonna stay in tune," he says. "I think we're just gonna, you know like, yo, we had an experience here. It gave me a peace of mind."

The entire experience ends with a boat ride and dinner where each person in the house gets to tell their significant other how they feel about everything now that they are at the end of therapy. "To Dennis Coles, for finally being honest with me, giving me the opportunity to make a decision for myself and move forward," Kelsey starts her toast. "I definitely see a great friendship between us in the future."

"Love is love," Ghostface responds.

Even though this isn't the fairy tale ending we were hoping for between Ghostface and Kelsey, it was fun to go along on their journey towards friendship.