Ghostface Killah and Kelsey have gone from a couple to exes in the last few episodes. However, on this week's episode of 'Couples Therapy,' the two show that they can actually still be there for each other, even if it's not romantically, when the therapists put them through an anger management exercise that just lets all the emotions hang out.

Despite the fact that the therapy focuses more on the other couples this week, Ghostface and Kelsey show a few moments of alone time where it proves that the two are at least trying to forge some kind of friendship. When Ghostface asked Kelsey if it was worth it to come to the 'Couples Therapy' house, all she could say is, "Oh, I infinitely learned a lot of good lessons."

However, Kelsey does admit that even though that she's still somewhat heartbroken, she sees that not being with Ghostface is a good thing.

One of the interesting parts of this week's episode is when Dr. Jenn Berman and Dr. Mike Dow bring everyone to this typical all-American-looking home, only to tell them they are allowed to tear it up. As a way to release their anger, frustrations and stress, the couples -- who are dressed in grey painters suits and masks -- will be able to find something in the house that brings them to a childhood trauma and break it.

With a sledgehammer, Kelsey throws her anger at a door with window panes where she is then left crying. Ghostface quickly comes to hug and comfort her. Dr. Dow then tells Kelsey to look at Ghostface as if he was her parents and tell them how she felt growing up. "I just needed somebody to understand me and how I feel," she says in tears. "And what I want is to give some kind of compromise and effort. Meet me in the middle, you know?"

Ghostface finally sees Kelsey's struggle. "I never knew what you was holding in was to the max like that, but I feel you," he says. "And my heart is sorry for you and all that you went through."

Dr. Dow asks Ghostface why he thinks it makes sense that Kelsey reacted the way she did after she found out about Latrice. "Because she's a female, and you know, they just need the security," he responds. "They need love. They need that trust."

"I'm finally letting him know how I feel, and finally let him [understand] where my want for him to love me came from," she explains. "We definitely had a moment of great communication."

The two hug it out, and it shows a new stage in their relationship -- not as lovers but as friends. The two talk about becoming friends again in a clip that wasn't included in the episode but can be viewed below.

However, next week, the season finale shows that this friendship might be a little short-lived when Ghostface tells Kelsey he forgives her for taking him to therapy. How will Kelsey react? Does this mean that their friendship is kaput? And more importantly, has Ghostface really not learned anything from going to couples therapy? Find out next week.

Watch Ghostface Killah & Kelsey Make Amends on 'Couples Therapy'