With the issues surrounding the chaos in Ferguson, Mo., continuing on, Common wanted to do more than just show everyone why he's a great performer at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Enlisting Vince Staples and Jay Electronica, the three rappers came together for the Chicago native's track 'Kingdom' and also paid tribute to fallen teen Mike Brown.

"Now more than ever the music has to represent the struggle, and this next performer provides a blueprint for our new kingdom," Snoop Dogg said when he introduced Common.

With a gospel choir serving as part of the song's melody and harmony, Common walks through the crowd as he begins to spit the lyrics and is later joined by Jay and Vince.

"We do this for the people," Common stated at the end of everyone's verse. "Black people all around this country in America that go through the struggle. We do this for our lost soldiers, our fallen soldiers."

And after he said his final piece, Com welcomed Michael Brown's parents to the stage. And despite all the applause and supportive cheers, Brown's mother couldn't stop the tears from flowing behind her shades.

The performance came to a close with everyone onstage as well as those in the audience paying tribute to Brown by putting their hands up in a moment of silence at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards.