Last month, Common offered a brief explanation about the inspiration for the artwork of his forthcoming album, 'Nobody's Smiling.' The rapper planned to use local Chicago artists to appear on the cover. Today (June 25), he releases the final product, which features a whopping eight different versions.

The standard album shows a close-up of Common's face while the deluxe edition is a three-way-split of the MC, rapper King L and a boy named Lil Johnny.

The 'Kingdom' lyricist shared the remaining album covers on his Instagram page. Each of the those covers feature the sole faces of King L, Lil Herb, Dreezy, KD Young Cocky, G Count and Lil Johnny.

In the video below, Common reveals that Def Jam, his record label, came up with the concept for the artwork. By hearing the rapper discuss the process, it's apparent he's excited about this album.

"I saw a layout of what it should be. It was us up against a black background that said 'Nobody's Smiling' but then why I was super geeked about it, was like, you got Lil Herb up against the background, you got King Louie up against the background... I got a lot of artists from Chicago, to Chicago, and to the artist, and I feel like it's my time to do that. I have to do that," he said.

'Nobody's Smiling' arrives July 22.

Watch Common Speak On 'Nobody's Smiling' Album Cover

Common's 'Nobody's Smiling' Delux
Def Jam

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