While the world is still buzzing about Beyonce debuting her baby bump at the 2011 MTV Video Music awards Sunday night (Aug. 28), there's one person who was not so happy about the news: Kevin Hart.

The comedian admitted to being a little bit jealous about the announcement that the pop superstar and her husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child. "It hurt, because I thought there was a future [with us] but she and Jay-Z are pretty serious," Hart tells The Boombox. "The baby bump, it was in my face. I almost touched it!"

Opting to pass on duties as a show host, this year, the MTV VMAs let the celebrities collectively run the show, and tapped Hart to introduce the first award. "Technically I think that MTV bullied me into semi-hosting without paying me," he jokes. "I'm good friends with the network; they asked me to go out there and set the tone. None of it was planned, it was last minute. I'm happy that they gave me the opportunity."

This year, MTV turned up the star power for their annual awards show, featuring performances from the likes of Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, and Toni Bennett who paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. Check out a recap of all the performances here.

Watch Beyonce's '1+1'

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